Australian Beer Can Collectors
The Australian Beer Can Collectors Association Inc (ABCCA) was founded in 1979 with the
intent of encouraging and fostering the hobby of beer can collecting.

In September 1979, Mike Pinkard, with the aid of several others in Sydney and beyond formed
the ABCCA. Within two years the club had grown to include over 400 members.  By 1983, over
700 collectors had joined the ranks.  In addition to Australia, there are members of the ABCCA
in the USA, New Zealand, the UK, Austria and South Africa.
Founded in 1979
Items that commemorate specific events or occasions are eagerly sought after
Membership is open to anyone interested in starting or furthering the collection of
brewery advertising items.

In more recent times, the collecting interest of members have been extended significantly to
include a wider range of brewery related items such as bar tap tops, beer bottle labels, bar
signs and lights, beer trays, playing cards, bar mirrors, posters and beer coasters, to name just
a few.

As well as providing an avenue for members to increase their trading opportunites with other
collectors, the ABCCA promotes fellowship and camaraderie among collectors of beer cans
and other breweriana.
State Divisions

In each State of Australia, there is a division of the ABCCA, a locally established group of
collectors who come together on a regular basis to exchange beer cans and other brewery
items, to acquire collection information and to have a great day socialising with those with
common interests.
Australian Beer Can Collectors (ABCCA)